Nutrisystem – What is it about? Can I lose weight with this diet?

Today, over 90% of clients who meet me want to diminish their weight. Weight loss cannot be achieved overnight. One of the best methods for weight loss is having a fully balanced nutritious meal. It is not an easy deal to pick out what the menu, decide the calories and the serving sizes and follow them every day. This is where Nutrisystem comes in. In short, it is a diet program that gives you ready-made prepacked food for every meal. In other words, once you enter the program, you eat every meal that Nutrisystem gives you for breakfast, lunch, dinner – dessert included. The best part is, it is all pre-planned.

Nutrisystem is a very effective way to shed those unwanted pounds unlike Medifast, if you are on a timed weight goal. My clients who wanted to lose weight before their marriage were very happy with the results. Some clients who felt dejected about life and the fiasco of weight loss earlier felt positive with the results of Nutrisystem. Debramoorhead regularly updates her list of Nutrisystem promo codes more info here to help you get their best deals.

Who is Nutrisystem for?

Nutrisystem has distinct plans for all. The diet program is available in forms of various plans. They include:
Nutrisystem Basic – The basic plan is a 4-week plan. It has meal plans for men and women. You can choose a favorite menu which is a common menu to all or you can customize it on additional cost. Each week, you can enjoy one lunch and one dinner on your own. Give into your cooking and eating out cravings in this time. You can add fresh fruits and selected grocery throughout your day in this plan. A free online tracking app comes as a compliment. They also never charge for delivery of food.

Nutrisystem Transformation Picture
Nutrisystem Core – The plan is for 4 weeks. It includes special plans for men and women with a choice from over 100 choicest food items. You can customize your menu free of cost with the core plan. Just like their basic plan, you get your one lunch and one dinner each week to eat what you crave for. This plan also lets you add fresh fruits and selected snacks throughout your day. The core plan gives you unlimited access to dieticians and counselors all through the program.
Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours – It is the top rated food plan offered by Nutrisystem. The plan is for one month. It lets you choose from over 150 options. Get spoilt for choice with delicious frozen meal selections. It also includes anytime access to dieticians and counselors. You also get a dinner and a lunch every week to give into the temptation of home-cooked food or eating out.
Nutrisystem Vegetarian – Stick to your lifestyle with a plan for your weight loss with their vegetarian plan. You have a choice of over 90 vegetarian treats. The food is very tasty with a balanced nutrition, dietician approved, every time. You can select the favorite menu to taste a bit of everything or go with a customized menu to decide what you want to eat.
Nutrisystem Diabetics or the Nutrisystem D – The diet plan suits diabetic patients. American Diabetes Association is a strategic partner to Nutrisystem. All the diabetic plans strive to lower your A1C levels. It also is promising to decrease weight in a healthy way suited for diabetics by avoiding sudden spikes with low GI foods. The plan does not allow you to have any meal of your choice other than specified. It is important to follow the diet to get desired A1C test results. The diabetics plan is also further divided into Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours. The plans are similar to the normal plans.

  • Diabetics Basic Plan – A basic plan which is the cheapest plan for diabetic people.
  • Diabetics core plan – It allows you to pick your food.
  • Diabetics – Uniquely Yours plan – It includes a huge collection of food including frozen food

Final Thoughts on Nutrisystem Diet Plan

In short, the Nutrisystem weight loss program is total convenience. No more worrying about what to eat and how much to eat. The program is specifically designed to delight people with weight goals. The diet plan offers a Turbo 10 jump-start program which easily gets you started in the weight loss path. Nutrisystem discount programs are a delight to clients.

Diet programs like Nutrisystem promote a healthy low-fat diet that helps in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy weight reduces your risk to heart disease and stroke, certain types of cancer, and diabetes. As a personal trainer, I recommend Nutrisystem to anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way. Get more details on the latest nutrisytem promo deals on my friend Debra’s blog.